RAJESH KARTHIKEYAN is on a constant  – ‘search, apply & refine’, for a new Indian vocabulary that typifies the zeitgeist – the age and times we live in. He studied Architecture at BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore. From the start, his design endeavour has been to explore new lines of thought in design and experiment with new materials and modern ways of using existing materials stretching them to their engineering limits. He also did a stint in advertising as a copywriter and concept visualizer to expand his horizons of thought and give expression to his latent talents. Not to be typecast and get slotted in formulaic approaches, RK tries to break the patterns by introducing radical innovations in approach or materials.

The design intent is to bring an ‘Iconism’ in Public buildings & Institutions, while with residential & other typologies, the effort is to take the design brief a step further and create spaces of warmth, surprises & possibilities.While ‘going green’ is no more just a fashion, but an absolute necessity, RK attempts to weave the “outside” into the “inside” and ‘pull the ground up’ literally, by mixing vertical gardens, balconies, staircase landings and connecting spaces.With more unbuilt work than actualized ones, he has refused to compromise & “fall in line”  and instead prefers to spread his net into more design fields ranging from poetry writing, advertising to web, multimedia & furniture design.RK makes time for his other pursuits of Yoga, trekking & mountain climbing, Philosophy, Agriculture & other Earth Sciences. He also reads and writes on these subjects… mostly online, these days.